Welcome to the Diogenes development planning website.

This site is intended to be a storehouse of all information pertaining to the on-going development of Diogenes, a Free content management system written in PHP.

If you are looking for user-level documentation about Diogenes, please see the Diogenes Documentation site.

Helping Out

If you are interested in putting some general time into Diogenes, we have a Development Roadmap, containing all of the features we, as the current development team, are planning on having in each future release of Diogenes. Working on any of those features will be of great benefit.

If you are considering implementing a specific feature, feel free! The latest version of the source code is available from our (read-only) Arch repository at http://opensource.polytechnique.org/arch/.

If you're wondering what Arch is, it's a revision control system, similar in purpose to CVS, but with a far more powerful conceptual basis. More information about Arch is available from http://www.gnuarch.org/, and an excellent Arch tutorial is available from http://regexps.srparish.net/tutorial-tla/arch.html.

In any event, it would be helpful if you could coordinate your work with the rest of the Diogenes development team. See the "Communication" section, below, for information on how to contact us.


Most communication amongst the Diogenes development team happens via the diogenes mailing list, diogenes@opensource.polytechnique.org. A web-accessible archive of the mailing list is also available.

There is also a mailing list which carries all of the commit messages, which is good for keeping up-to-the-minute with Diogenes development.

Subscription to both of these lists is by request at present; send an e-mail to the diogenes mailing list, asking to be subscribed.

Some members of the Diogenes development team can be found periodically in the #poly.org IRC channel on the irc.rezosup.org IRC server. Drop in and ask around.