Release Plans

Listed below are all our plans for future releases. Everything below is, of course, fairly flexible, but it's (hopefully) our latest brain dumps. Hopefully it'll give anyone out there some idea of how things are progressing.

We also have a list of currently known bugs.

Release 1.0

Feature Lead tSatus
Complete User-level Documentation Matt (English) 10%
Ensure that source code is completely documented Matt 10%
Barrel- and site-level default language Unassigned 0%
Highlight the menu entry corresponding to the page we are currently browsing if applicable Unassigned 0%
Add the ability to "preview" changes to a file before saving them Unassigned 0%
When Diogenes is running in CVS mode, add a commit hook so that /var/spool/diogenes is updated after each commit Unassigned 0%

Completed Features

Feature Lead Release
Add the ability to add a log message to page file commits (with a default message if empty or not able to upload) Jeremy 0.9.12
Make the visible/invisible flag do something, perhaps rename it to something more generic, and give it more possible options Jeremy 0.9.12
Page-, Barrel- and site-level templates Jeremy 0.9.12
An improved Java HTML editor plugin Jeremy 0.9.15
Integrate the admin/prefs page into the barrel admin menu. Jeremy 0.9.15
Support arbitrary-depth directory trees Jeremy 0.9.17
Support for something like Textile, a simpler language which can be converted into HTML. Jeremy 0.9.17
Make a distinction between links internal to the current barrel and links to other places (probably with a little icon) [I presume this refers to menu entries; it should certainly be barrel-configurable -- Matt] Jeremy 0.9.17
Fix issues with the phpLayersMenu in certain configurations, possibly by dropping it altogether Jeremy 0.9.17

Far-Future Features

Feature Lead Status
Switch database access from home-grown to PEAR DB Matt 0%
Get rid of per-barrel tables Unassigned 30%
Research whether it is feasible to support renaming files and directories within WebDAV Unassigned 0%
Restructure the class hierarchy Matt 0%
A plugin to highlight search terms when a page's referer is a search engine Unassigned 0%
Make the admin/ and toplevel/ functionality (semi-)regular barrels, so they can maintained inside the Diogenes system, and easily customised by the local admin. Unassigned 0%
Create a "watch this page" system, where people can subscribe to watch a page and be notified via e-mail when the page is modified. Unassigned 0%

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